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We finally made it to an important milestone in our home. Our daughter is finally POTTY TRAINED! There is almost nothing better than another human being being trained to use indoor plumbing.

3 Simple Ways to Toilet/Potty Train Your Toddler

Put them on a schedule

We started by putting our daughter on the toilet every 30 – 45 minutes. We did this for about two weeks. We celebrated her peeing in the toilet by clapping and letting her play a little game on the tablet. By the end of a couple weeks our daughter would “potty” every time we put her on the toilet.


Buy them underwear with their favourite character or color

When we would ask our daughter if she wanted to go potty she would always reply “No”. We believed that she was too comfortable in her diapers, so we ventured out and bought her underwear with Dora and Doc McStuffins on the front.


Let them roam around with their underwear and no diapers

I bet you are wondering why on Earth I would endorse buying licensed merchandise but here is why. Your toddler will NOT want to be wet or mess up their favourite underwear. Trust me. You know that shirt your child will not take off? The one you have to wrestle to peel off their little body? Your toddler has the same irrational affection for their underwear.

The sheer heartbreak of soiling their pants and their parents take them away is enough of a deterrent to not pee their pants.

Not only that, but your toddler will not enjoy being wet. How crappy is it to walk around in wet pants? Our daughter had about 4 accidents before starting to pipe up that she wanted to pee.

toilet training your toddler

Other Tips and Comments on Potty Training

  • We still check the time when it comes to potty breaks, but more often than not, our daughter announces when she has to go to the washroom.
  • We never used those mini toilets that you have to clean out (I’m not cleaning it out!). We simply bought a toilet seat from IKEA so that our daughter’s little body didn’t fall into the bowl.
  • Make sure you praise your baby every time they go to the washroom. I am talking exaggerated praise (clapping, saying “hurrah”, telling daddy and grandma the good work they have done, etc.) . They love it!
  • You can use this checklist to see if your child is ready for toilet training. I personally didn’t use this checklist. I had my mom around who told me my daughter was ready. I also was done buying and changing diaper, so come hell or high water, my daughter would be potty trained!
  • Our little girl wears a diaper through the night. Usually, children won’t stay dry all night until school age.