September 13, 2018 Jameela

I wanted to make Day 10 count! Since day 9 was a COMPLETE disappointment!

This day was all about the sights and tourist places. On the itinerary was the following

  • The Fishmarket
  • Ginza ( I loved the show Atiller on Netflix – don’t make fun of me for this)
  • Michelin Star dining
  • Shibuya crossing
  • Harajuku

It seems like a lot, but when you have nothing else to do but live your best life it isn’t too hard to accomplish it all haha!… Read More

September 11, 2018 Jameela


Tokyo is quiet. The rooms are small. Stay in busy places if you are only in Japan for a week. Try a suburb close to a JR station if you are planning on exploring. 

This day was a travel day, so there really isn’t much to report.… Read More

September 9, 2018 Jameela

Since we had our JR Pass, we decided it was a great idea to visit Hiroshima. It is a 2.5-hour train ride to Hiroshima from Kyoto. We didn’t leave super early, but it was fine.

When we got to Hiroshima, Peter and I got into a little fight, so he decided to go to the Art Museum and I decided to go to the Great O Torii Gate in Itsukushima a.k.a Miyajima.… Read More

September 8, 2018 Jameela

Eating Kobe beef was a must try for me in Japan. My second favourite meat (after chicken) is beef.

To get to Kobe from Kyoto you have to go through Osaka. Lina was in Osaka, so we decided to meet at the station for breakfast.… Read More

September 7, 2018 Jameela

Are you into castles, beer, and food? If you are, Osaka is the place to be. Osaka castle is an iconic landmark in the area and offers excellent views of the downtown skyline. Not only can you revel in stunning architecture, but you can get free beer (yes, free beer) and eat some tasty morsels.… Read More