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My Aunt was baptized on Sunday. Even though attending church has never been a priority of mine on Sunday mornings, I decided to drag myself and daughter of bed early to make it to this momentous event!

What Should I Wear to Church?

Even though the church is a “come as you are” church, I was not about to roll up in jeans and a t-shirt. I think you still have to have a little bit of respect and refrain from wearing your casual weekend wear.

I opted for a fun pink dress with short sleeves. I figured it was best to cover my shoulders in the House of the Lord. I wouldn’t want to burst into flames upon entry!

How to wear a dress and leggings during the winter in canada

Since it was winter, I had to cover my legs. I chose periwinkle blue leggings and paired those with gold heels. The heels complimented my statement necklace. I had originally made this necklace for myself, but due to popular demand, I had to make more for others.

stacking bracelets and a vintage bagstatement necklace   stacking bracelets and a vintage bagOf course a statement necklace just wouldn’t do. I had to layer and stack my bracelets to add interest to my exposed arm. Finally, I packed a navy blue bag (by neutral piece) to carry snacks, a sippy cup, wipes, my wallet and lotion.

What does a Mega-Church look like?

I went to Centre Street church for this baptism. While I am sure this is not a mega-church by American standards, it sure is from my point of view. This was a sprawling building with hundreds if not thousands of people inside (on both levels).

Apparently, this church has many other churches worldwide.

what-does-a-mega-church-look-like (2) what-does-a-mega-church-look-like (1)what-does-a-mega-church-look-like (3)

Anyhow, the church was really nice. They had a cafe with FREE tea, coffee, and the Almighty WiFi. I was in heaven. This place was better than Starbucks! While sitting and enjoying my free tea, I took the liberty of photographing what other people around me were wearing.

what-people-wear-to-church-in-calgary (1) what-people-wear-to-church-in-calgary (4)what-people-wear-to-church-in-calgary (2) what-people-wear-to-church-in-calgary (3)  what-people-wear-to-church-in-calgary (5) what-people-wear-to-church-in-calgary (6) what-people-wear-to-church-in-calgary (7)

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