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I wore this to Inglewood Night Market. I could LIVE in these pants. They have a drawstring waist so if you eat too much you can let them loose! I got my printed crop top from Rewind Consignment Clothing and my wide legged printed pants are custom made from Zoharous. Read below to see why this outfit works.

How to mix prints and wear a crop top

How to mix prints and wear a crop top

This outfit works because the pants are wide legged so they allow for air circulation (lol). Since they are full length you can avoid many mosquito bites if you will be out after dusk.

How to mix prints and wear a crop top

Even though the pants are low-rise, the crop top I paired it with is long enough so that not too much of my stomach is showing.

I added simple earrings and three bracelets so that my arms didn’t look so bare!

Simple recycled brass earrings in a heart shape

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