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Natural Hair Styling

I’m usually pretty lazy and prefer to wear my hair in braids. It is such an easy style. The best part about it is that my mom does my hair, so i really never have to do my own hair when it is in braids. The whole situation is perfect! Honestly, having my hair in braids in gives me one less thing to worry about during the day.

How I came to the decision to not wear braids

I always see my friends wearing their hair natural and it looks so good on them! I figure if they can do it so can I. Then I took out my braids. I had big plans to braid my hair in a short style, but I said forget it. I am just going to try this out. It’s a tragedy that I can’t even style my own hair. I am a grown woman! I should be able to do SOMETHING with my natural hair.

The beginning

About four days in I told Peter “I don’t think this whole natural thing is for me.” It was NOT easy. I had no idea what to do. I stayed at home because I couldn’t leave the house with my hair looking like a mess! Peter told me I shouldn’t give up. He said I should try it out for at least another week. Peter was right. I wasn’t just going to give up!

Reaching out to my natural hair friends

I messaged my friend Rebecca who always rocks a ‘fro and asked her what products she uses and how she manages. She gave me awesome tips! Then I started trolling my friend Audrey’s Blog for hair inspiration. I actually asked her for help via snapchat when I was hair product shopping. I was getting ideas and becoming confident in the fact that I too could do this.

Finally Going out

My friend asked Peter and I to go to a Juno Party event. I really didn’t want to go, but he told me there was going to be Thai food. He lied! He knows me well enough to lure me with free Asian food haha!

I agonized about what to do with my hair! Should I braid it, should I wear a wig (I hate wigs), should I flat iron it? Then I thought why do I have to DO something to my hair? Why can’t I just leave it as it is?

Honestly,  I rationalized wearing my hair in an afro like this…

Me:I bet there are going to be lots of “urban” people at the party. I can wear my hair in an afro. That’s probably the vibe of the place.


In the end, I simply washed my hair, moisturized it, combed it out, and threw in a few bobby pins. It was was my first style, and I decided it was good enough.

At the Party

The party was at the Calgary tower on the observation deck. The music was pretty good and I ran into a few friends from back in the day! There was no Thai food, but overall, I had a good time. I wore a bodycon dress that I got from The Store Upstairs in Airdrie when I was pregnant and a blazer that I got at a consignment store in BC.

calgary tower (1280x851) Calgary-tower-being-built-photos (1280x851)natural-hair-afro-wash-and-go (1255x1280)

natural-hair-styles-short-4c-calgary (851x1280)knotted-roots-dj-spinning-juno-week-calgary (2) knotted-roots-dj-spinning-juno-week-calgary (1)

top-of-the-calgary-tower-juno-week-calgary-natural-hair (1)top-of-the-calgary-tower-juno-week-calgary-natural-hair (2)

I was pretty pleased with the way I looked. From that night on, I decided I could do this. I got this!