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This will be one of my last posts on my natural hair. As I type this, my hair is back in braids. I couldn’t deal with how time-consuming having my hair natural was. If we said I wore my hair natural for 100 days then for 75 days I had my hair in a headwrap. I just didn’t have time to style my hair before I went out. My default was to throw on a headscarf and call it a day!

Headwraps: Cultural Significance

Headwraps are a big deal. In West African cultures (especially for Nigerians) headwraps are worn for special events like weddings, funerals, naming ceremonies, etc. The bigger the headwrap the better. Head coverings can be a non-verbal communication of a person’s marital status, religion, or social standing.



I mainly wore headwraps for significant events. I wore a large, green head wrap for my graduation and I got a few awesome headwraps (plus custom kente) when I got engaged.


Headwraps: A Fashion Choice

Africans in the diaspora tend to wear headwraps as a fashion statement rather than for traditional or cultural significance. Not to say that wearing a headwrap isn’t a cultural statement on its own, but for the most part, it is all fashion.

This isn’t my photo  

I  personally didn’t wear my headwraps for fashion during my quest to go natural. I did it to cover up the fact that I didn’t have time to style my hair.

white-head-wraplazy-head-wrapDSC_0011 - Copy

At one point, I was seriously considering buying many scarves and cloth to support my constant need to wear a headwrap. Then, I figured it would just be better to stick to what I know and wear my hair in braids again.

I talked about the natural hair struggle with my friend Rebecca over coffee, so stay tuned for that post. I would love to know what your default hair style is with natural hair.


34 thoughts on “Natural Hair Journey: Headwraps

  1. Ahh. these hardwraps look so cool. Especially with the hot summer coming in , i have a good mind to try some head wraps this season. 🙂

  2. These are beautiful! The colours are so captivating and I like that there are many occasions in which you can wear them. Your green one was lovely, complimented you very well 🙂

  3. Very interesting read! I never knew there was such significance behind wearing head wraps. I have always wondered though. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Having been blessed with naturally long and think hair, for the most part I’m very grateful but as soon as the hot weather arrives, it’s not very pretty and far too hot! Head scarves are a great way to look stylist whilst keeping it off your neck and back to keep cool!

  5. I love the look of headwraps, especially with the bright, colorful, beautiful patterns. Anyway you decide to wear your hair (braids, natural, wrapped up) you are beautiful! thanks for the brief history/ meaning of the head wrap! My ancestory (great grandfather and so forth) was born and raised in Algeria, so I’m always interested to learn about African culture.

  6. I’m from Nigeria and man the headscarf is a thing ! I love it. I’m from the north tho Kano it’s not a big deal there but I still wear it tho. I’m actually editing a turban tutorial video for my youtube channel ha you look beautiful

  7. The closest I have ever come to wearing anything like this on my head is tying a triangle bandana on my head to hold back my hair. 🙂

  8. How fabulous are these head wraps?!?! Would
    Be prefect on hotter days when there is just no hope for my hair!

  9. These head wraps are awesome! I always wondered if it was cultural or if it was for fashion and it is good to see it is for both! I love them but I get the braids thing too!

  10. I didn’t know that certain headwraps had specific meanings in some cultures. I think it’s really cool that they’ve become fashion accessories!

  11. I wasn’t aware that headwraps are associated with cultural significance. I used to think it more as a fashion statement!

  12. Always knew head wrap was a cultural thing and its such a beautiful statement piece for an outfit! find it very fashionable & absolutely love it!

  13. I had no idea about the significance of the head wrap. I think they are great and beautiful, I love the colorful patterns that you can only find in Africa.

  14. I absolutely love these! The brighter the better I say! Who doesn’t love colour? My friend wears these to her African family’s weddings all the time, looks gorgeous.

  15. I didn’t know the significance of wearing a headwrap. I learned something new today. Whether it is for cultural or fashion purposes, headwrap is beautiful. – Allan Liwanag –

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