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Raising Awareness and Money for Prostate Health

This weekend I had a blast at the naked espy experience. This event raises money for Prostate Cancer by having men strip down to their underwear (usually on a cold day). They individually raise money and in exchange they get outfitted in $750.00 worth of fab clothing.

We all know there is nothing better than a well dressed man, so this not only benefits Prostate Cancer Awareness, but society in general. The more good looking men we have gracing the streets of Calgary, the better.

In the Beginning

First off, let me mention that Espy is located in the best Canadian neighborhood, Inglewood. When I got to the event at about 5:00 pm, all the men were standing outside in just their underwear and shoes!

naked espy photos men in underwear calgary

They were getting hyped up by the emcee and started doing silly squats. They were given instructions to follow Megan Szanik, the owner of Espy, single file along the Streets of Inglewood.

naked espy photos men in underwear calgary (3) naked espy photos men in underwear calgary (2)

By this point I was pretty amused. I have never seen that many half naked men in real life. I have to admit, it was kind of nice to see men slightly objectified. I know that wasn’t the point (or intention…maybe?), but it was nice to see men parade around in scantily clad outfits and be honked at in the street. The best part was that they were led by a woman. I am sure my feminist friends, must have some commentary on that.

megan szanik calgary hot guys in underwear

The espy Experience

I’m not going to lie: I stayed inside for the whole parade. I was fully clothed, and I was not willing to suffer in the cold for that long!

The parade ended at Espy where the men were clothed in order of arriving. Super stylist Kim Flanagan was there to help style the men. She was also in attendance with her equally stylish friend. I am almost positive her name was BK 🙂 . They were both really nice.

kim flannigan stylist and her stylish friend

Once the men were done, they were photographed outside and sent over to the neighboring restaurant 500 Cucina.

espy experience nake espy 2015 photos (3) espy experience nake espy 2015 photos (1)

500 Cucina: Italian Restaurant Calgary Inglewood

I have honestly, never been to this restaurant, but it is pretty awesome. I will have to come back when it is less busy. I saw the chef in the background making what looked like an awesome pizza. The staff was also pretty attentive.

cinquecento resturant pictures cinquecento resturant pictures chef cooking cinquecento resturant pictures (5) cinquecento resturant pictures (4)

The people who were eating looked like they were enjoying their meals. I wanted some of their pizza, but I was headed to dinner after the event, and I didn’t want to spoil my appetite!cinquecento resturant pictures (3) cinquecento resturant pictures (2)

What about the rest of the men?

The rest of the half naked bunch were corralled at Cucina a restaurant in Inglewood. There was a solid mix of clothed and bare men in the restaurant.

naked espy photos men in underwear calgary - Copy naked espy photos men in underwear calgary (1)naked espy photos men in underwear calgary (2) - Copy naked espy photos men in underwear calgary (4)

Many of them seemed like they were enjoying the influence of alcohol. I believe they got some shots at the Nash mid parade. At the after party, a few of the guys were quite animated and as my daughter would say “silly” when I was interacting with them.

stylish-men-calgary-easp-inglewood-photos (7) stylish-men-calgary-easp-inglewood-photos (9)

Meeting Awesome People

Apart from the men who participated, there were some pretty awesome people that I had the pleasure of meeting. I want to mention that the super nice couple of Media Productive were in attendance.

super cool people at naked espy (3) super cool people at naked espy (2) super cool people at naked espy (1)  christine and john landry awesome peoplemegan and jameela stylish-men-calgary-easp-inglewood-photos (10)

A Stylish Bunch

I would say that overall Megan and her espy team did a great job styling all these men. They raised over $75,000 and that is no small feat! I would recommend you check out #nakedespy2016 next year 🙂

stylish-men-calgary-easp-inglewood-photos (8)  stylish-men-calgary-easp-inglewood-photos (6) stylish-men-calgary-easp-inglewood-photos (5) stylish-men-calgary-easp-inglewood-photos (1)stylish-men-calgary-easp-inglewood-photos (4)stylish-men-calgary-easp-inglewood-photos (11) stylish-men-calgary-easp-inglewood-photos (2)


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