Meet Darryl Pollock!

Darryl is a local photographer who specializes in fashion and personal photography. I first met Darryl at the June Dresses wrap up event. She has a great personality and takes amazing photographs.

Darryl is the Owner-Operator at Darryl Pollock Photography where, since graduating from Alberta College of Art and Design, she has taken photographs for some of Calgary’s big names in fashion and media.

Darryl Pollock

If you are looking for someone to help you with your business (product photography, fashion shoots, or business headshots) get in contact with Darryl!

Here are some pictures of her work that I stole off of facebook 🙂darryl-pollock-fashion-photography-calgary-canada darryl-pollock-fashion-photography-calgary-canada darryl-pollock-fashion-photography-calgary-canada darryl-pollock-fashion-photography-calgary-canada




Meet Darryl Pollock