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Since we had our JR Pass, we decided it was a great idea to visit Hiroshima. It is a 2.5-hour train ride to Hiroshima from Kyoto. We didn’t leave super early, but it was fine.

When we got to Hiroshima, Peter and I got into a little fight, so he decided to go to the Art Museum and I decided to go to the Great O Torii Gate in Itsukushima a.k.a Miyajima. This is a half day trip. The journey is about an hour and then you have to take a ferry to the island where you can access the gate.

Along the way, I made a new friend from France! We took photos of each other for the day. As no stranger to solo travel, I found it easy to spot other solo travelers and strike up conversations!

We started up at the top during high tide and got some epic gate photos. I love the texture of the clouds in the background.


During low tide, you can walk out to the gate and enjoy it from up close!

Hiroshima’s Momiji Maple Leaf Pastries

After enjoying the gate, we went for a wet pastry and coffee! Apparently, the region is famous for their Maple Leaves (like Canada!), so they make these little maple leaves with different fillings inside of them. After meandering up the road, we settled on a swanky looking pastry shop that made their own maple leaves. I have never seen such precision in pastry making. Leave it to the Japanese to make everything efficient!

After our little treat, it was time to do a little more exploring and photo taking!

Around 2 pm I was ready to see the A-Bomb dome and head back to the mainland. My friend and I parted ways, but not before following each other on Instagram! I love the internet!

Hiroshima – Atom Bomb Memorial

This was a tough place to be. To see the cruelty of humanity on display in the middle of a vibrant city was gut-wrenching. Such indiscriminate murder is unacceptable. However, it is totally an American thing to do. I will just post photos of the A-Bomb site and memorial for you to see. There are some descriptions of what happened and photos of what the city looked like after the bomb.

Over 140,000 human lives were annihilated in a matter of seconds. If you see the contrast between the photos of the city now (present day) and after the bomb, you notice that you can see the mountains clearly. They are kilometers away! I honestly cannot accurately describe the destruction of the city and the feeling that you get when you are there. As they say, a photo is worth a thousand words.

A-Bomb Dome: The Only Surviving Structure of the Atom Bomb

Memorial Park

Some people just don’t get it. I saw these foolish girls taking happy selfies by a place where ashes are buried. *Eye roll*

Peter and I met up again later and I am happy he did because I got some photos with the dark, ominous clouds in the background. It was perfect for the mood of the day.