September 25, 2016 Jameela 36Comment

I just got back from a trip to Cuba. I traveled there alone. What?! Alone? Yes, all by myself.

You may be asking. Jameela why did you decide to travel to Cuba alone? There are a couple of reasons. First, I wanted to go to Cuba before all the Americans got there and spoiled the country.… Read More

March 22, 2016 Jameela 6Comment

The weather was beautiful on the West coast of Canada in February. Normally, the weather is terrible during this time of year, so I took advantage of the sunshine and took a few photographs.

#1 – Rusted Door

I was roaming around Vancouver and I saw this abandoned, rusted door frame in an alley.… Read More

August 30, 2015 Jameela

I find Vancouver to be beautiful on the surface, but hideous on the inside. The flowers are in full bloom, but people don’t seem to be able to pay their rent or buy a home. The people of Vancouver who aren’t transient seem cold and stand-offish in nature. … Read More

May 19, 2015 Jameela 2Comment

If only life were black and white. If only things were binary: right and wrong, left or right, ethical or unethical. Things would be simple. You wouldn’t have to navigate a life that twists and turns. If only we could say “This is wrong!… Read More

March 15, 2015 Jameela

I spent the day creep shotting {a term I made up} people in Kensignton. I bought a 55-300 mm lens specifically for the purpose of taking pictures of people without them knowing! Some people did notice, but whatever.

Hipster Coffee

These people were minding their own business when I caught them red-handed with their Higher Ground Coffee and thrift-store finds.… Read More

February 21, 2015 Jameela

I am growing tired of posting pictures of myself. While I am borderline narcissistic, I feel like posting something different.

Lately, I have been taking pictures of textures and patterns. I have this need to capture the object and fantasize about how it would feel.… Read More