Hello All!

My name is Jameela!

I would describe myself as a friendly and open person who is always trying to learn new things. I am the owner of Alora Boutique. I also have an awesome family and I live in Canada.

This blog is about what ever I feel like writing. This can range from fashion, to DIY, to social structure, to music I like. Whatever is on my mind.

I am the kind of person that is open. I treat everyone I meet with respect. I do my best not to judge. Of course, I am not perfect and I can judge at times, but I want everyone who is doing their thing (what makes them happy) to be on this blog. I think that if you see other people living their lives in a way that makes them happy it will inspire you to do the same!

In essence, this blog is a lifestyle blog. Particularly my lifestyle and those around me. I understand that not everyone lives the same as I do, finds interest in the same things as me, or agrees with my opinions. Even so, I am going to say what I want anyway!

I will include a picture of myself below so you can put a face to a name! 🙂

Happy reading,