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What should I do in Venice Beach?

I went to Venice Beach on a little bit of a whim this January. When I was there I found myself searching for the best things to do (at least for me). Now that it is almost summer, I suspect you’re looking for a fun place to visit. If that is the case then you want to be at Venice beach! This eclectic neighborhood on the beach in Los Angeles will entertain you, as long as you know what to do.

To make your life easier, I have a sweet list of 6 things to do in Venice Beach. 

1. Admire the typical Venice canals

Venice beach isn’t named after the Italian city for no reason Venice beach has a complete set of beautiful canals of its own. The best way to enjoy these canals is to go strolling beside them as you admire the canals and all the extravagant homes next to it.

venice beach canals

2. Go to the beach

When a neighborhood is called Venice Beach then it is only logical to visit the beach. Venice beach is one of the beautiful Los Angeles beaches. On this beach, you can go for a swim, surf the waves or just lay in the sun reading a book. If you can’t surf then you can always get some surfing lessons so you can learn how to surf. My go-to is reading a book, but I figured I would throw something active in there :p


3. Take a class at Electric Lodge Performing Arts

This theater and performing arts center is a great place for following affordable community classes in dance, music, acting and art. There is a kind of class for each person offered. By going to one of these classes, you can learn something new while also meeting new people with similar interests. Is there a better way to spend your Saturday afternoon?

4. Go skating at the Venice beach skatepark

The Venice beach skatepark is one that is worth your visit if you like to skate. Visiting the skating park is completely free and it opens at 9 AM and remains open until the sun sets. The entire skating park takes up 16,000-square-foot, which means that there is plenty of room for you to skate all day.

5. Go thrift shopping

There are few places better for visiting thrift shops than Venice beach. The neighborhood is home to some of the best-dressed people in Los Angeles. This means that some of these people’s pre-loved clothes can be found in the thrift shops. Heck yeah!

6. Visit the Mosaic Tile house

If you want to see a house that has been transformed into a work of art on its own then you want to visit the Mosaic Tile house. A couple from Venice Beach has been transforming this house by covering each surface with ceramic tiles, glass and mirror shards. You don’t have to pay for the visit but you do need to make an appointment

The next time you’re in Venice beach you should make sure to visit one of these places or do one of the activities. All of these activities are certain to give you the time of your life and fill up your time with a lot of fun and fascination.  If I missed anything let me know on Instagram!

Bonus Tips:

  • Visit Snapchat’s headquarters! This is for those of us who have a sad obsession with snapping. Their headquarters are right on the boardwalk. You may have to ask a local to identify it as they are a bit inconspicuous. Why? Because people in Venice beach hate snapchat.
  • Enjoy the fun street art
  • LIsten to the street preachers. The kinds of offensive things you hear will amaze you!