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I am doing a 30 minute by 30 days fitness challenge that my gym is promoting.

The challenge is exactly as it sounds. Do at least 30 minutes of exercise every day for 30 days. There are no prizes, but I am participating for the satisfaction of saying I did it.

Now, I work out, on average 2.25 times a week. Every Monday night, and when I am feeling spry, 10-minute abs, and yoga in the mornings. I don’t expect to change my lazy habits by doing this but maybe I can work on my cardio.

I’m just here to document my workouts for me, so skip this post if you don’t care about my workouts.

Also, I will be typing this on my phone, before bed, and not proofreading it. All mistakes courtesy of my phone.


30 days of work outs

Day 1: 30 minute wall along the river. June 1 was a Friday night and my friend invited me to an event. I accepted on account of the free food. I forced him to come on a walk with me around 8pm. Why? I wasn’t going to start the challenge with a fail! I knew if I didn’t do my 30 minutes that day I wouldn’t do the challenge at all!

Day 2: Regular Labour. I had a market and was on my feet all day ( like 6 hours). I’m sure there was 30 minutes in there somewhere. Plus I helped the organizers set up their tents for 15 minutes. This counts.

Day 3: Lilac Festival. I literally walked up and down for 12 blocks with my kids. And to and from the car which was so far away. This also counts as exercise.

Day 4: Workout class. A one hour total body work out class. We did about 160 squats and lots of abs.

Day 5: Walk/Run. I jogged/ran/walked around my neighbourhood for 30 minutes. I set a 15 minute timer so I could know when to head back. Let me tell you, it was the longest 15 minutes of my life. I came to realization today that I hate running outside. I prefer a treadmill or elliptical hands down. Hopefully I never do this again.

Day 6: Walk. I went to an innovation conference and met a friend for a lunch time walk downtown. This wasn’t your mother’s stroll. Oh no. This was a power walk through the mean streets of Downtown Calgary. a stroll.

Day 7: Exactly the same walk as Day 6. I think we covered 24 or 25 blocks. Not bad. This walk gave me more energy to finish my day at the conference. I also asked my Instagram followers what they wanted to work on when it came to their physical activity. 75% said endurance which is what I want to work on too!

Day 8: Another walk (see a running avoidance pattern happening?). This one was great though!!! I went for a nice, brisk walk in a park at the end of Crowchild Trail. Can’t remember the name and I am too lazy to Google it. It was really beautiful. I had never been to that part of town before, but I swear I would move there just for the park!

Day 9: Nothing. I was really sick and stayed in bed all day.

Day 10: Same as Day 9. A total write off . At this point I wonder if I should give up since I’ve already missed 2 whole days.

Day 11: Total Body work out. I decided that I may have failed the challenge, but whatever. I can still try and finish the month with a little bit of dignity. I bought a pass to the gym today hoping to use it more often to increase my endurance! Treadmill here I come!!!

Day 12: Aaaaanother walk! I like walks. I had the intention of running on the treadmill at the gym today. That was the whole point of buying a pass. Even so, I had the feeling it would be a crime to go indoors to run. That is why I decided to enjoy the sun and walk.

Notice my attempt to change my sentence structure?

Day 13 to 30

I did a mix of walking and fitness classes. 9ish days out of the 17.

My favourite was Ghana Girl Productions’ class on Saturday morning. I “mommed” hard and brought my kids at 10am to the class.

Did you hear me?!

I brought my kids to work out. That’s dedication to the cause!